Press Release

So Roz, how did you get to where you are now?

It’s been quite a journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, but I’m getting ahead of myself and need to go back a few steps.

I’ve always dabbled with different art techniques but had never tried oils mainly   because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive materials and then not know what to do with them. So when about two or three years ago I saw an advertisement for a one day workshop that promised I would take home a finished landscape oil painting, which seemed a tall order, I decided I had to give it a go. The course was taken by a Bob Ross Certified Instructor and she delivered the promise, I created my masterpiece and was absolutely thrilled. I subsequently did several floral workshops and was hooked. I thought I would love to do this, but that little no confidence voice was saying what makes you think you could do this and bringing up all sorts of other obstacles such as the initial capital costs etc. My family was very supportive and said do it. I got in touch with Josie, the Instructor, and asked her if she thought I had what it takes and she said definitely, give it a go. To cut a long story short I bit the bullet and qualified as a Bob Ross Certified Instructor in Landscapes, Florals and Seascapes. I started small in my conservatory where I could take 3 students at a time. It is so exciting for me to see the thrill of my students when they produce their own masterpieces.

I see you now have a lovely big airy studio, how did that come about?

I knew that I would eventually need a larger space if I wanted to expand. I also wanted a bungalow, which would be my last house move so that I wouldn’t have to think about stairs etc in years to come. I was going to need a lot of money to fulfill this dream. Some time ago I had become a distributor in an MLM company whose products I really loved so that I could get them at cost and half-heartedly sold a few products. But again, I was so out of my comfort zone that the old lack of confidence got in the way of me making it into anything for some time. I had several streams of income at that time, including my workshops, and sales of paintings, which gave me a comfortable living but nothing near what I was going to need. So I decided to resurrect my MLM business and really make a go of it.

It is obviously successful judging from where you live now.

Yes it is. I began looking for land. I knew what I wanted. A plot big enough for the bungalow and separate studio. I’ve always wanted an American style single story house with a wide veranda that goes right round. I wanted 3 bedrooms a spacious comfortable lounge, a large family type kitchen with a big double oven range style cooker, a separate laundry room. And an office and library – I have a great many books! There had to be trees and perhaps a little stream and I’ve always wanted a house with a rhododendron drive. I read Rebecca many years ago and I think Mrs de Winter’s description of the approach to Manderley has influenced my dreams ever since.’

I eventually found exactly the piece of land with trees, a little stream and a rhododendron drive. I was ecstatic. I then found an architect who came up with plans incorporating everything I wanted including the veranda. There would also need to be a garage and exercise room. It was very exciting watching the house rise out of the foundations exactly as I had pictured it. It also incorporated the principles of feng shui so that the living space is as harmonious as it could possibly be.

The studio had to be separate from the house although I needed an enclosed walk way so that I could get to it easily whatever the weather. There had to be a large workshop area big enough to accommodate up to 10 students. This is really the optimum number so that everyone gets enough individual attention. There needed to be a separate area for making tea and coffee and for lunch, a large store-room for easels, materials etc and as I have a great many art books I would want to keep these in the studio library rather than the house library. Obviously I couldn’t use the studio 100% of the time so it earns its keep by bringing in rental income from other groups who hire it for other workshops, so it’s another stream of income.

I wanted a lovely garden with shrubs and a wild flower area to attract birds, butterflies and bees. In the wild garden area there’s a pebble labyrinth sprinkled with blue and green glass pebbles that sparkle in the sunlight as you walk and meditate. And there are seats here and there so anyone walking the labyrinth can sit and dream if they wish. It is a place of peace and tranquility, which feeds the soul.

And here it all is.

Yes indeed. My cup runneth over!

As you can imagine I need help with all this, particularly as gardening is not my forte so I have a lovely gardener who manages everything and grows organic fruit and vegetables in the kitchen garden, tends the beehives and harvests the honey. There is such an abundance of produce in this beautiful garden, more that I could ever need so I share it with the family, the gardener, who deserves it anyway having done all the work, and the lovely lady who helps me in the house freeing me to paint. Surplus fruit and veg we put out in baskets at the front gate with a ‘Please Help Yourself’ sign so that anyone passing by can enjoy our organic produce as well. It’s all free and is a way of giving back to others from all this abundance.

Have you been able to fulfil any other dreams?

I wouldn’t want to take away from the grandchildren their freedom to fly, follow their own dreams and find their own potential but because I have an abundant income I can help them if they need it and with a step onto the property ladder and fabulous family holidays etc and support the charities that are dear to me such as The Smile Train. Seeing the before and after photos of the miracles the surgeons have performed for these children is just amazing. They literally give these children hope for the future. It only costs £150 to fund an operation for one child so to be able to be part of that fills my heart with joy.

I’ve also been able to travel – first class! I rented a villa in Italy for a month so that my family and friends and I could have a wonderful fun time enjoying the Italian experience together. I also went to Australia again to meet up with family and friends. It is an amazing country and I love visiting. It’s a very long journey so being able to travel first class is fantastic.

How were you able to achieve all this when you say you were so lacking in confidence?

My daughter had done the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course and I could see how much she had grown so when she said I should do it I decided to give it a go. It was a challenge but I stuck with it. It was brilliant. It is not a self-help course, it’s a self-discovery course through which you learn to think for yourself. Repetition of the various exercises that are a requirement help you to override old bad habits such as negativity, procrastination etc and form new good habits which create new neural pathways in the brain and influence the conscious mind to control what you allow in. This ultimately influences the instructions you give to your subconscious mind. And this is the key because this is where the power lies. The subconscious mind only acts upon the instructions given to it by the conscious mind. So the old adage, Garbage In, Garbage Out is very true and the last thing you want is a load of garbage in your mind. That is the bottom line. It takes work to get there but it’s worth it. If you take up the challenge there’s no going back and the world really is your oyster and the sky’s the limit to use a cliché or two.

I’ve also been to Kauai to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance retreat. It was wonderful to meet Mark and Davene and everyone who has been instrumental in helping me achieve my potential.




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  1. Luc says:

    Great interview, Rosalind! I can really see and smeel the flowers, the fruits and the vegetables in your basket. I can’t wait to meet you in Kauai next year!


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