MKMMA – Week 16 – Visualization

What is it that we want? Health, wealth, success and happiness of which health and happiness are the most important because as Haanel says:

Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing the end. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.


With such an ideal in mind, the ways and means can and will be provided, but the mistake must not be made of substituting the means for the end.

And Prentice Mulford explains “The man of success is the man possessed of the greatest spiritual understanding and every great fortune comes of superior and truly spiritual power.”

So if we all have this spiritual power, even if we have never given it any thought, how do we use it in terms of manifesting our desires, bearing in mind that the desire for wealth must not be the end required, although it can be the means to an end which enables us to help others as well. Give more, get more.

It is through this spiritual power that we have the power to create and Haanel says there are three steps in the process:

Idealisationto imagine as perfect

Visualisationcreate positive mental picture of something

Materialisation manifestation

And these we are doing through the sits.

Visualisation can be a stumbling block for some people who say they’re no good at visualising and feel that they are stuck because of this belief.  But say ‘don’t think of a pink elephant’ and immediately even the most seemingly non-visual person will see a pink elephant.  So we are all capable of visualisation whether slight and shadowy or full technicolour. So it is important not to be discouraged or influenced by the Old Blue Print which says you can’t.

And then comes materialisation/manifestation.  Probably the most exciting but seemingly most elusive part of the exercise.  That’s because if what we visualise hasn’t manifested yet we think it doesn’t work, but it does because little Old Blue Print Doubt is sitting on your shoulder like Jiminy Cricket saying ‘I told you so’ and so nothing happens.

So we have to remember to kick Jiminy Cricket into touch and Believe that what we have asked for/visualised has already been achieved and then most important, be ready to Receive.

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MKMMA Week 15 – Growth

Growth in inevitable. None of us is the same person we were when we were 5, 30, 50 (well some of you may be the last one). But are we the people we want to be. I can be what I will to be must be our mantra if we are to be the change that we want. That sounds a bit convoluted but I think it makes sense. Well it does to me anyway.

But how many of us have made conditional promises to ourselves?

  • I’ll be happy when I’ve lost weight
  • Everything will be fine when I get my dream job
  • I’ll be happy when I meet the man/woman of my dreams

And so we’ve put our lives on hold. The perfection that we want is way in the future. Yesterday is history and the future never comes. All we have is now. Thinking about it logically it makes absolutely no sense at all but how many of us have done this. Madness.

So there have been many hurdles along the way which we feel have been stopping us from getting there but as Haanel says:

All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.

That seems a little harsh. But it’s exactly what happens. We wonder why some women seem to continually choose controlling or abusive partners or men/women put up with overbearing bosses. We get the same experiences or ‘failures’ as many times as we need to until we learn the lesson. And only then do:

We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties.

But we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over what, with hindsight, appears to be stupidity because we are all exactly where we are meant to be. And some of us just take longer to learn the lessons we need to learn than others.

But so what. It’s not a competition. It’s our own journey and process of evolvement. However, we need to let go of what no longer serves us – the Old Blueprint- even if it means moving out of our comfort zone.

And as Haanel says :

The ability to appropriate what we require for our growth, continually increases as we reach higher planes and broader visions, and the greater our abilities to know what we require, the more certain we shall be to discern its presence, to attract it and to absorb it. Nothing may reach us except what is necessary for our growth.

That’s encouraging and he goes on to say:

The inexorable requirements for growth demand that we exert the greatest degree of attraction for what is perfectly in accord with us …….. and conscious cooperation with natural laws.


In order to possess vitality thought must be impregnated with love. Love is a product of the emotions. 

It is love which imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate. The law of attraction, or the law of love, for they are one and the same, will bring to it the necessary material for its growth and maturity.

And so:

If we wish to express abundance in our lives, we can afford to think abundance only.

However we express our thoughts in words and so we need to chose our words carefully if we are to displace the negative thoughts, which have a tendency to run riot in our minds if we let them. But I’ve read somewhere that a positive thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative thought, so there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I have an image of a computer game where negative words float across the screen and are annihilated by Lara Croft (me – I wish) with my laser gun!

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Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings apparently means Peace be the Journey in Jamaica.

Brilliant, funny film which demonstrates several of the Ben Franklin principles that we are looking at this week. But it should be remembered that this Holywood’s interpretation of a real event so there is some artistic license taken with the characterization and events. Nevertheless it admirably illustrates the virtues of persistence, courage and kindness.

Firstly, three of the main characters experience disaster when they trip in the final stretch of the qualifying race for the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and are disqualified.

Persistence proves successful eventually, firstly with Derice who finally convinces the coach, Irv ( John Candy) to take them on as a bobsled team and then Irv when he sees these boys have real potential because with training their sprinting expertise will give them an edge at the start of the bobsled race.

Detrice, Yul and Junior, the three sprinters, have been used to relying on themselves in their sport and now they have to learn to work as a team.

For some reason Yul is a very prickly character and has erected impenetrable barriers around himself which he reinforces by telling everyone not to touch him and being very aggressive and hostile.

Junior, the rich kid, has no confidence despite his ability as a sprinter. His father has told him what to do all his life and he crumbles in the face of his father’s authority. He feels responsible for tripping the other two and sells his car to help finance the trip. It may have been motivated by guilt but he didn’t have to do it and it was an act of kindness and generosity.

Sanka who was the fastest push-cart racer on the island is the joker of the pack and goes with the flow.

The dynamic between them gradually changes as they learn to work as a team and Yul’s barriers eventually come down. He teaches Junior the he is a man, not a little boy any longer, and that he can stand up to his overbearing father.

When they can’t seem to get off to a fast enough start in the race Senka speaks up and points out that it is because they are trying to copy the other competitors methods which are not their methods. He reminds them that they are Jamaicans and have their own style and should be themselves. So by doing things their way they make a great leap off the start and qualify for the Olympics.

Before the big race Derice finds out that Coach Irv, who had been a two gold medal winner, had been stripped of his medals and disqualified for cheating. Winning had become his all consuming ambition and in his mind the end justified the means and he lost his way and his sense of who he was.

The big day arrives and the team make a really fast start and are contenders for a medal when disaster strikes and there is a spectacular crash just a few yards from the finish. Bruised and battered but undaunted Derice says they have to finish the race and the four heft the broken bobsled onto their shoulders and walk to the finish line to tumultuous applause.

Their persistence and courage earned them the respect of every other Olympian in Calgary in 1988. They proved themselves and competed at the next Olympics as equals.

The moral that I got from this story is that persistence and courage pays off but it is important to be true to yourself and remember who you are whatever the circumstances.


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Week 14 – Harmony & Thought

This week’s lesson was full of scientific information a lot of which, quite frankly, went over my head.  So letting that go I set about analysing what I really needed to get from this lesson.

Basically it all boils down to being in harmony with your thoughts and actions.

Haanel says:

“That Universal Substance is the source of all Power, Wisdom and Intelligence.”

So, why aren’t we getting results?

We do. We get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the law and our ability to make the proper application.”

And we all know that we have to take responsibility for what we feed our subconscious mind via the conscious mind.  Because the subconscious mind is our genie in the bottle and whatever your conscious mind says it will reply “Your wish is my command”.  So if we want our genie to deliver we have to be very careful what we tell it because it is in a constant state of manifestation in accordance with our thoughts.

Haanel goes on to say:

“We find that every man is the reflection of the thought he has entertained during his lifetime.”

Now there’s a scary thought but true!  And Haanel points out an even scarier thought:

“….neither can you spend twenty or thirty years of your life building up negative conditions as the result of negative thoughts, and then expect to see them all melt away as the result of fifteen or twenty minutes of right thinking.”

So is it time to throw in the towel? You might think so because eradicating a lifetime of negative thinking is a daunting prospect.  Perhaps it is but as somebody said (can’t remember who at the moment and I don’t have time to re-read the pile of self development books in my possession) “Change your thoughts and the things you think about change”. Very good advice.

So as Haanel goes on to say:

“Thought is the only reality; conditions are but the outward manifestations; as the thought changes, all outward or material conditions must change in order to be in harmony with their creator, which is thought.”


“If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about a radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately, after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.”


“This discipline, this change of thought, this mental attitude will not only bring you the material things which are necessary for your highest and best welfare, but will bring health and harmonious conditions generally.”


“If you wish harmonious conditions in your life, you must develop an harmonious mental attitude.”

And then:

“Your world without will be a reflection of your world within.”


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MKMMA Week 13 – Blips

Since I started the MKMMA programme I have never been late with my blog, but with being away for 5 days over Christmas and then preparing for New Year I feel that I’m now racing to catch up with everything.  I feel I have fallen off the wagon and it’s hard to get back into the flow with so much to do.

This promoted the fear that I wouldn’t be able to.  So Haanel in Week 13 lesson, 16 was a timely reminder of the power of our thoughts:

“Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. Therefore, if we fear disaster, as fear is a powerful form of thought, disaster will be the certain result of our thinking. It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort.”

So that has been a slight blip in my consciousness and confidence and was not helpful as I look forward to a New Year.  And I cannot allow it to derail me.

However, the scroll for the first month of the New Year, Scroll IV, reminds me that “I am a unique creature. …..I am nature’s greatest miracle. ….”

So on that self-affirming note I remember to say my mantra:

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy.”


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Week 12 – Facing Demons

It has been a challenging few days.

Technology has been determined to get me into the clutches of the men in white coats. It became my bête noir.

If what we think about comes about – it did! Everything went wrong, which I suppose deep down I expected and that’s what I got.

So what was the reason for all this angst? Basically, frustration because the problems that arose I had no idea where to begin in finding my way round the technical jargon etc of how to resolve the situation without some wonderful help from my daughter. And the fear of compounding the problem, which would make matters worse. Even so, my laptop was in danger of becoming a UFO several times.

A comment on one of my early blogs when I mentioned I was a technophobe was that they were sure I’d be a ‘techie genius’ in no time. Yea right! Says the old blueprint.

So during my sit today my intention was to ask for guidance, for help to overcome these fearful feelings to do with technology and although I fell asleep I felt calmer afterwards.

I also did a tapping (EFT) meditation, which also helped to re-establish my equilibrium.

I was then in a frame of mind to step back and be objective. So what’s the root cause – Fear:

Fear of making things worse. To address that fear tomorrow I take delivery of a back up hard drive to back up my laptop before downloading any new software – just in case!

Fear that I can’t keep up with technology – Maybe I just have to accept that I’m not going to be wiz kid – but so what, as long as I can use the thing that’s all that matters.

Fear of being left behind. Life’s too short to worry about that one.

And on the plus side: I’m not an idiot – just challenged and my challenges are small potatoes compared to what some people have to deal with. So get over it and do the best I can.

Og says in Scroll III:

So long as there is breath in me, thus long will I persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles of success: if I persist long enough I will win.

So my mantra must be;

I will persist.

I will win.

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Week 11 Thought, Wisdom and Reason

We live by laws even though we may not be consciously aware of the fact – The Law of Attraction, the Law of Gravity, The Law of Abundance etc.  It has taken thousands of years for the human race to evolve to a point of understanding that these laws exist.

Haanel says that Induction proceeds by comparison of facts…..which has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in human progress.

It is the dividing line between superstition and intelligence; it has eliminated the elements of uncertainty and caprice from men’s lives and substituted law, reason and certitude.’

Only a few hundred years ago such thoughts would have had dire consequences and those harbouring them would have been branded heretics or witches.

Thank goodness we have come a long way from the Inquisition and witch hunts to a period of real freedom of speech and thought.  At least in our free society we are lucky to have this freedom and as he says It is our privilege to become conscious of the principle and act in accordance with it’.

The freedom to think as we wish also carries responsibility because we have tremendous power and ‘… the recognition of the marvelous power which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions and the fact that this power can be utilized, directed, and made available for the solution of every human problem is of transcendental importance.’

So it is incumbent upon everyone with this knowledge to use our thoughts wisely and let love of life and humanity be the driving factor. We are all connected so our thoughts impact on each other. We have seen evidence of this throughout history where one group or nation has thought they have the right to impose their beliefs on others and take by force what they covet and it still goes on today.  But it is important not to get bogged down by the doom, gloom and disaster with which the media bombards us every day because there is plenty of evidence that individuals joining forces and working together for the good of the planet and the human race are making a difference too. So a collective consciousness that holds a love for mankind and the principles of every man’s right to freedom and safety has the power to change the world.

As Haanel says. A new faith has been born, a faith which demands a new form of expression and this faith is taking form in a deep consciousness of power which is being manifested, in the present spiritual activity found on every hand.’ 


‘By far the greatest discovery of all the centuries is the power of thought. The importance of this discovery has been a little slow in reaching the general consciousness, but it has arrived, and already in every field of research the importance of this greatest of all great discoveries is being demonstrated.’

And with this knowledge comes reason and wisdom because Wisdom begins with the dawn of reason, and reason is but an understanding of the knowledge and principles whereby we may know the true meaning of things. Wisdom, then, is illuminated reason, and this wisdom leads to humility, for humility is a large of part of Wisdom’.

We live in interesting times!


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