MKMMA Week 22 – I’m Thinking of Good Vibrations! (courtesy of the Beach Boys)

We all know by now that our thoughts affect our outcomes. Therefore, our current lives are the results of our past thoughts. Sometimes that’s hard to accept. It doesn’t seem feasible that I brought the accident into my life. After all who on earth would knowingly bring something like that into their life.

But I have always had a sort of sixth sense in anticipating when somebody was going to pull out into my lane. So in that sense on the occasion of the accident because the road ahead in the middle lane was clear it was perfectly safe for me to overtake. And because the vehicle I was overtaking was so big, with huge wing mirrors it was also logical to expect that the driver would have seen me coming alongside but hadn’t seen me pass. What I didn’t do was anticipate the unpredictability of the driver or why he wasn’t keeping an eye on the road. I was level with his cab when he pulled out and I had nowhere to go. So on that occasion it would seem my sixth sense didn’t work for me. Or did it? Because I had anticipated that manoeuvre so many times perhaps I had brought the reality into my present. Fortunately, although my car was written off, I walked away without a scratch. My guardian angel was certainly on the job that day.

So now instead whenever I get into the car I asked the Universe to help me to be a safe and considerate driver so that I meet only safe and considerate drivers and I also say, whatever mode of transport I use I am safe and secure (courtesy of Louise Hay).  And I am.

Haanel tells us that:

It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises the control over the body. We know that every mental action is a vibration, and we know that all form is simply a mode of motion, a rate of vibration. Therefore, any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells.

That is huge. Because our current state of health/weight etc is also the result of our past thoughts. The idea of monitoring every thought is pretty daunting and bearing in mind that we have thousands of thoughts a day it would be impossible anyway.

So what do we do?

It is our feelings that give us a clue. Negative thoughts give rise to negative feelings and positive thoughts give rise to positive feelings. So just being aware of negative feelings means that we can replace them with positive feelings – think a happy thought, or about someone you love. Visualise and run a mental movie of how you want your life to be. Get up and move, dance or sing. It’s not possible to move your body or sing and still feel down in the dumps.

So put on The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Abba or whoever floats your boat and dance or sing yourself happy.

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2 Responses to MKMMA Week 22 – I’m Thinking of Good Vibrations! (courtesy of the Beach Boys)

  1. You’re on the road to Freedom!


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