MKMMA Week 18 – Living in the Now

This month’s Og Mandino reading, Scroll V, has come as a timely reminder that all we have is now.

Procrastination is my bête noir and even though I know it is such a time waster I still fall into the mire at times.  If I know all this why do I do it?

I think I become overwhelmed by all the reading, writing, cleaning, shopping completing the art projects for my classes on time and then I get overwhelmed by the overwhelment and where to begin is overwhelming.

Then there’s the ‘living in the past and the future’ conundrum.

Og Says Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more’.

Good advice but easier said than done.

It’s not that I am living in the past although things happen that are beyond our control and we just have to deal with it. But sometimes the ‘what if’ question comes to mind and I wonder what if I had made that choice, gone down that route, made a different decision. However this is merely reverie because I would probably have made the same decisions.  If f I had made different choices I would have met different people and wouldn’t have the life or family that I have and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

He goes on to say: Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow.  Why should I throw away now after maybe?’

Again good advice but does that mean not dreaming?  Isn’t that what we do when we create our vision boards/posters and visualise everything that we want to happen as though it already had?  But there has to be a balance.  Without our dreams life would be pretty boring, we would have nothing to strive for.  It’s all about balance and not obsession.  Dream the big dreams, do what can be done to bring them to fruition and then let them go and let the Law of Attraction work its magic.

And come back to the present because that is all we have; tomorrow never comes because tomorrow becomes today. I’m reminded of the final line of Mary Oliver’s poem  The Summer Day:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

I will live this day as if it were my last.

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6 Responses to MKMMA Week 18 – Living in the Now

  1. Roz, if you have a few extra minutes read my blog this week. I think it’s vitally important that we keep our dream alive and real in our sits and in the activities we do today heading us in the direction of that dream. And, always, we will have our memories of yesterday – but we cannot dwell on the negatives or what ifs. Life has happened to all of us. We didn’t arrive here as newborns today. Remember the special moments with fondness and appreciate the negative experiences for what they have taught us ~ then let go. Whatever we did at the time was what we felt we should do then. We know better today. Peace be your journey! Sending loving thoughts your way.


  2. Hi Pattie, thanks for your comments. I read your blog which is brilliantly written and I concur with everything you say. There are many, many blessings in my life that I’m grateful for and I am following the path that will bring me fulfilment.


  3. Very enjoyable reading. The fact that you were able to answer you own questions shows your growth. Journey on!


  4. Great insight. I enjoyed your post, Roz.


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