MKMMA – Week 17a – The Hero’s Journey

In a town near me there is an underpass that is being refurbished and local art groups and artists have been asked to submit paintings representing the flora and fauna of Cannock Chase.  For non Brits or local West Midlanders that is a natural beauty spot/forest in Cannock.

We were given a very tight deadline and I painted a fox in the forest in acrylics.  It was the first time I had used acrylics so I wasn’t all that happy with the result because I felt I’d had to rush it.  But I took a chance because acrylics dries so quickly.  Anyway I submitted it to support our art group.

Saturday 31 January we had to take our paintings to Cannock Leisure Centre to be photographed.  I asked the girl in charge if there was a second selection process and she said ‘no that’s it – you’re in’.

The photographs will be sent to a tiling company who have a patented laser method of imprinting images on tiles/ceramics.  The idea is then to create each painting with a border like a frame and each artist’s name will be on their tiles.  The tiles will then go on the walls of the underpass so when you walk through it will be like being in an art gallery.

There will be an official opening in June to which we will all be invited and local dignitaries and the press will be there.

I’m so excited that a picture of mine will be on permanent public display!  In fact I’m so excited that I’m writing my blog at 2.30 am!!

After being in the doldrums and hammered by my Old Blue Print last week I feel that my hero’s journey has begun.


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8 Responses to MKMMA – Week 17a – The Hero’s Journey

  1. Bravo and Congratulations, Roz!


  2. Thanks Pattie – I’m walking on cloud 9 at the moment and I should really be getting some sleep!


  3. nancy519 says:

    That’s amazing! Congratulations!


  4. Thanks Nancy – it’s really exciting.


  5. samuelkawa61 says:

    Sometimes the old subby wants to rule but you have all the talents within, right. You did well. Congratulations.


  6. Monika says:

    That’s wonderful Roz! Sooo exciting 🙂 Would love to see a picture of it when it’s ready


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