Week 12 – Facing Demons

It has been a challenging few days.

Technology has been determined to get me into the clutches of the men in white coats. It became my bête noir.

If what we think about comes about – it did! Everything went wrong, which I suppose deep down I expected and that’s what I got.

So what was the reason for all this angst? Basically, frustration because the problems that arose I had no idea where to begin in finding my way round the technical jargon etc of how to resolve the situation without some wonderful help from my daughter. And the fear of compounding the problem, which would make matters worse. Even so, my laptop was in danger of becoming a UFO several times.

A comment on one of my early blogs when I mentioned I was a technophobe was that they were sure I’d be a ‘techie genius’ in no time. Yea right! Says the old blueprint.

So during my sit today my intention was to ask for guidance, for help to overcome these fearful feelings to do with technology and although I fell asleep I felt calmer afterwards.

I also did a tapping (EFT) meditation, which also helped to re-establish my equilibrium.

I was then in a frame of mind to step back and be objective. So what’s the root cause – Fear:

Fear of making things worse. To address that fear tomorrow I take delivery of a back up hard drive to back up my laptop before downloading any new software – just in case!

Fear that I can’t keep up with technology – Maybe I just have to accept that I’m not going to be wiz kid – but so what, as long as I can use the thing that’s all that matters.

Fear of being left behind. Life’s too short to worry about that one.

And on the plus side: I’m not an idiot – just challenged and my challenges are small potatoes compared to what some people have to deal with. So get over it and do the best I can.

Og says in Scroll III:

So long as there is breath in me, thus long will I persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles of success: if I persist long enough I will win.

So my mantra must be;

I will persist.

I will win.

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12 Responses to Week 12 – Facing Demons

  1. samuelkawa61 says:

    Technology, my Achilles heel. I get it, the frustration that is. But it’s necessary in this day and age. So like you, I will persist. Thank you for your blog.

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  2. Patti Vancil says:

    Give me a shout, I’m not certified but pretty good at figuring this stuff out! BTW wanted to mention my friend Robert Smith–He leads Faster EFT and it’s pretty amazing–Great going on realizing your fears


  3. Luc says:

    Great post, Rosalind, I guess most of us could easily relate with this desire to transform an electronic device into a UFO (your image made me laugh, I love it 🙂 What is interesting is the EFT treatment you decided to apply to yourself, as this is the proof that your subby is now programed to bring you back in the positive side of your mental diet. Congratulations for your persistance!

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  4. drpravir says:

    Wow … so glad to hear that we both have the same mantra … “I will persist … I will win”. So powerful! BTW – glad to hear your laptop didn’t become a UFO 🙂


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  6. Roz, I totally get where you are coming from! I am a master of most microsoft applications, but when it comes to the techy stuff – forget about it! Glad to know you got yourself and external hard drive. I back up all my stuff routinely on mine. Plus, I have almost all my information on flash drives as well. It is so scary when your computer goes haywire! Kudos for your wonderful attitude and making it through your ordeal!


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