Week 7 – Visualisation and Abundance

This week Haanel has been talking about the importance of having a clear vision of what we want to achieve and he says in 1:

Visualisation is the process of making mental images…….which will serve as the pattern from which your future will emerge.

He goes on to say in 2:

Make the pattern clear and make it beautiful; …. make it grand; remember that no limitation can be placed upon you by any one but yourself.

Shock, horror – isn’t that just being greedy?  Most of us have been brought up with the fact that ‘greed’ is one of the 7 deadly sins and therefore going for broke, as it were, with our big dreams is incongruent with the ethics that we have learned in childhood.  And these old lessons are hard to overturn and are very firmly entrenched in the Old Blueprint.

So we need to give ourselves permission to reach for the stars because there is the other side of the coin, that is by receiving greater abundance (getting more) we are able to give more and so be in a position to help others less fortunate.

The Law of Attraction is working all the time whether it is manifesting lack or wealth. This is difficult for those experiencing hardship to accept that this is so, because the inference is that it is all their own fault, which understandably makes them angry and resentful but what they haven’t understood is that what we think about constantly becomes our reality.   But there is hope at the end of the tunnel as Hannel says in 25:

If the law operates perfectly to bring about poverty, lack and every form of limitation for those who are continually entertaining thoughts of lack and fear, it will operate with the same certainty to bring about conditions of abundance and opulence for those who entertain thoughts of courage and power.

So it basically comes down to knowledge and understanding that there are many laws, some of which we take for granted, such as the Law of Gravity.  Let go of a precious glass vase and it’s going to smash to smithereens on the ground.  Everybody understands that, but accepting that there is a Law of Attraction working all the time is a more difficult concept to take on board for many.  The sceptic will look at you as though you’re from another planet talking all this woo woo stuff.

Thankfully things are changing as more and more influential speakers from all walks of life and cultures are talking about this and gradually the understanding of this Law is permeating the collective consciousness.  And hopefully one day this Law will be as accepted as the Law of Gravity and everyone will learn how to work with it.


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4 Responses to Week 7 – Visualisation and Abundance

  1. Loving the way you illuminate the resistance, and then turn away toward the good stuff!


  2. Very nice summary of week 7.

    Thxz for sharing


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