Week 2 – My Brain Hurts

So, how have I found week 2. Confusing at times, overwhelming definitely, information overload at times and a bit chaotic. But once I get into a routine with all the reading and tasks no doubt everything will settle down and fall into place.

And the blogging and twittering are still somewhat alien. Twittering is definitely a mystery. I posted my first Tweet and within minutes I had a new follower called Aristotle with reams of aristotlian pearls of wisdom. Bizarre! It’s not as if I said anything. I feel I’ve stepped through Alice’s looking glass. Have I entered an unreal world of strange beings and is the White Rabbit going to come scuttling by in a minute saying welcome to the 21st century? I’ve just given away the secret that I’m a dinosaur with regards to the techy stuff. But no doubt I will gain confidence the more I use these tools because I know that they are part of belonging to the MKMMA community and I’m sure I’m not the only one floundering about at the moment.

Does that all sound a bit negative? Is it the old blue print? Probably. But part of the journey is being aware when the old blue print is chiseling away at your confidence. And awareness is half the battle to create change. Although it’s early days, the transition is beginning.

This week the predominant message for me is the importance of mastering the conscious mind so that:

‘Not only can it impress other minds, but it can direct the subconscious mind. In this way the conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind. It is this high function which can completely reverse conditions in your life.’ (Haanel 13)

So it is important that the conscious mind becomes ‘ “the watchman at the gate” of the subconscious domain’ (Haanel 14)

Because The conscious mind ought to be on duty during every waking hour. When the “watchman” is “off guard”, or when its calm judgment is suspended, under a variety of circumstances, then the subconscious mind is unguarded and left open to suggestion from all sources. (Haanel 18)

Only vigilance in this is going to enable the establishment of a new Blue Print because as Haanel says in note 7 ‘The value of the subconscious mind is enormous’.

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9 Responses to Week 2 – My Brain Hurts

  1. ronhatfield says:

    Roz – this is such a fantastic piece! I wrote in my week 2 blog that exposing how we truly feel is something I have to battle with. I believe you are correct – the transition you seek is occurring. I believe that in no time flat you will be telling yourself over and over that “I am a tech genius!” The recognition of what our old blueprint has been erroneously telling us has been a major breakthrough for me, as well. I can hardly wait for your future posts! Amazing work!

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  2. Growing pains – they hurt a bit while we’re growing through them, and yet:
    “What the caterpillar fears as the end of the world, The Master calls a butterfly.”
    Looking forward to sharing & harmonizing wing colors!

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  3. The journey is therapeutic. So many of us are engaging in New lessons for growth I am with you.


  4. Very colorful interpretation of your struggles. Keep up the good work Roz it’s easy to do what’s comfortable. We are all out of our comfort zones one way or another…. But that is where the magic happens!!

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  5. MKMMADeborah says:

    Growing pains are part of the growth process and I so resonate with your words in this blog. Which part of the UK do you live Roz?


    • Hi Deborah, I’m still trying to find my way round all these different pages, so have only just seen your comments. All part of the ‘growing pains’ process, ho hum! I live in the West Midlands, where are you?


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